C&S reduces our clients’ carbon footprint through our energy and environmental turnkey projects that not only minimize costs, but also save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our expert, dedicated staff maximize every available resource to deliver guaranteed solutions designed to achieve energy, cost-management, and environmental goals.

C&S thoroughly evaluates existing energy infrastructure and usage from point of procurement to final consumption. Project design and implementation includes unique approaches to traditional solutions such as upgrading lighting, controls and/or HVAC. These measures can be implemented through energy-saving performance contracts that finance projects through guaranteed savings. Additionally, we assist our client in realizing the full benefits of renewable energy—with affordable, reliable green energy projects that modernize facilities, reduce their carbon footprint, and energize stakeholders. We can adapt existing systems to make them more energy-efficient and/or develop new “showcase” renewable projects.

All work is done with our C&S in-house installation team.

As your trusted energy resource provider, we create sound strategies for reducing volatility and better managing your energy expenditures. We can also evaluate the amount of carbon your current operating situation creates and recommend ways to reduce and/or off set it to reach a carbon-neutral goal.