Power Systems

C&S’s professionals have significant practical knowledge of energy conversion, plant configuration, and energy storage, including advanced and alternative energy conversion and storage systems. This enables C&S to realistically assess energy conversion and storage options, including advanced and alternative energy system configuration options. C&S professionals consider factors such as

  • Energy conversion options
  • Boilers, ranging from residential to electric power generation
  • Steam turbines
  • Combustion turbines
  • Combustion engines (reciprocating)
  • Micro turbines
  • Fuel cells
  • Photovoltaics
  • Wind turbines
  • Wood and coal gasifiers/combustors

Plant Configuration Options

  • Combined heat and power, cogeneration configuration, and blending options
  • Integrated combined cycle configurations
  • Alternative integrated combined cycle configurations

Energy Storage Options

  • Ice
  • Compressed air
  • Compressed gas
  • Wood and wood pellet

C&S also provides realistic life cycle cost projections based on realistic cost analyses, as well as realistic acquisition schedules supported by firsthand knowledge of construction requirements and techniques.

In addition, C&S offers services to support the entire project delivery process from study to schematic and final design to construction phase to system commissioning, measurement, and verification, as well as operational support to the client once the systems are in service.