Building Condition Assessments

Whether you are responsible for a single building or a vast complex of facilities, C&S can be a powerful partner to help you understand the current condition and future needs of your building inventory. Through a unique methodology of building system assessment, facility management consulting, and database-driven information management, C&S provides owners with the tools and processes to manage facilities efficiently.

With shrinking budgets and aging infrastructure, many owners find these services invaluable during the capital planning process. We assist with evaluating potential properties for purchase, uncovering system deficiencies, and planning for new operations.

Our project team begins with building system surveys and evaluations that are tailored for the client’s needed level of detail. Often, no drawings exist for buildings and our assessment team will survey and draw the existing layout quickly and efficiently. This creates a base map to locate and describe existing mechanical and electrical system assets.

A graphic depiction of your facility and condition evaluation data collected by our team of architects and engineers can form the basis for a full facilities management solution.