The structural engineering professionals at C&S provide services to a wide range of clients and project sizes from jib crane analysis to the structural framing for a complex building system. Our structural engineers use the latest software design and analysis software, enabling them to be more efficient and provide an increased level of quality control.

In addition, our structural engineers incorporate building information modeling (BIM) into all building related projects. The use of this new technology lets our client and the design team view and understand the framing and all interrelated components in a 3-dimensional view. Types of structural engineering projects we have been involved with include

  • Design of new building foundations and superstructures, including steel, concrete, timber, masonry, and cold formed light gauge metal
  • Analysis of existing structures and buildings
  • Failure investigations
  • Design of seismic retrofit for existing buildings
  • Tower analysis
  • Structural inspections
  • Provide floor load ratings for existing buildings
  • Design of renovations for existing buildings to comply with state building codes
  • New or renovation design of retaining walls, parking garages, headwall, piers, docks, etc.
  • HVAC support systems
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Fire damage investigation
  • Advance analysis software
  • Bridge crane, jib crane, and hoist design