GIS/Information Management

C&S is an industry leader in developing GIS services. Airports and municipalities throughout the United States use C&S’s custom applications to manage a wide variety of information. Our airport web-based GIS solutions include pavement management, lease management, real estate and property management, environmental management systems, land acquisition, residential sound mitigation, airport land use compatibility plans, FAA noise land inventory- reuse-disposal plans among others. We provide GIS and application development services to major airports across the United States, such as Chicago O’Hare International, Cleveland Hopkins International, Anchorage Ted Stevens International, Baltimore Washington International, Boca Raton, Buffalo Niagara International, Detroit Metropolitan, Erie International, Louisville International, Oakland County International, Plattsburgh International, St. Louis International, and Tulsa International.

We provide comprehensive information management services from data collection to database design to efficient and easy data retrieval. Whether your needs include spatial and/or non-spatial data, C&S has the means and resources to deliver customized IM services that satisfy your specific goals. Our dedicated applications developers design custom software programs for a variety of GIS services. Our secure web-based technology means that our clients can access their data from any Internet-connected computer—without the need to purchase costly equipment.

LeaseTrack enables property managers—whether airports, municipalities, or private developers—to keep track of all aspects of their properties and the leases and tenants.

QuietTrack is C&S’s custom application for residential sound insulation programs. QuietTrack manages large quantities of data, making everything accessible through a secure web-based interface.

LandTrack helps airports manage all aspects of a land acquisition program. LandTrack combines GIS capabilities with a user-friendly application, simplifying and streamlining the management of data for an entire acquisition effort.

EasyEMS is C&S’s specialized software that helps organizations meet and exceed environment regulations, avoid costly litigation, improve public perception, improve efficiency, save money, and protect the environment.