Landscape Architecture

C&S’s landscape architecture practice focuses on creating outdoor environments that are both functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Our professionals work together in the development of facilities and infrastructure projects of all types to ensure that the finished product is not only efficient and practical, but also in harmony with the environment. Our registered landscape architects bring extensive knowledge of plant materials, site design and planning, accessibility requirements, grading and drainage, site detailing, site amenities and environmental considerations to create projects that address human requirements and the ever-important need to increase the sustainability of our built environment.

  • Streetscape design/downtown revitalization planning
  • Site amenities design, selection, specification: kiosks, signage, site furniture, seating areas, outdoor gathering areas
  • Planting and landscape plans and specifications for any site development projects
  • Plantings and landforms for screening/buffering of projects from residential areas.
  • Plantings for mitigation purposes (e.g., habitat restoration, replacement of removed vegetation)
  • Bike/pedestrian facilities design: trails, sidewalks, crosswalks, site amenities
  • Green stormwater facilities such as natural ponds, wetlands, rain gardens associated plantings.
  • Landscape graphics/site plan rendering/3D sketches
  • Unit paver design, permeable pavers, decorative concrete pavements
  • ADA-compliant accessibility in outdoor environments
  • Green parking area layout and design
  • Strategies for preserving existing vegetation and natural features
  • Planting and site design for energy efficiency
  • Planning studies and development guidelines
  • Plan review and assessment of environmental and visual impacts

Parks and Trails
The investment in the design and planning of public spaces for recreation, rejuvenation and reflection is repaid many times over in benefits to the community. Parks and trails provide an oasis where average citizens can reconnect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities, which also yield health benefits. C&S professionals can manage all phases of parks and trail projects, from initial concept, grant and funding application preparation, through design and construction management.

Site Development
Our landscape architecture services are key components in implementing detailed design of sites for specific applications, ranging from commercial and institutional/educational uses, to housing and public facilities. The careful crafting of the site, including consideration of vehicular and pedestrian circulation, planting design, site amenities, and environmental conditions is an integral part of the success of any facility.

Streetscapes and Urban Design
The revitalization of downtown areas and neighborhoods in villages, towns, and cities is a growing trend as the public comes to appreciate pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, shopping districts, and historic districts. C&S professionals have expertise in all aspects of streetscape projects, including the planning and design of sidewalks, curbs, site furniture, accessibility improvements, lighting, and façade improvements. We also provide all landscape design to accompany pedestrian and vehicle transportation infrastructure, including native plantings, xeriscaping, low-water use designs, and incorporation of public art.