Aviation Planning

Master Planning
At C&S, we develop master plans that address the airport’s value to community prosperity, while remaining sensitive to effects on adjacent property, on the environment, and on their relationship to the region’s transportation network. C&S has 30 years of experience preparing master plans consistent with this vision and with FAA requirements (Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B Airport Master Plans). Our planners have extensive experience in physical inventory, aviation forecasts, demand capacity and facility requirement analyses, plan formulation and implementation. We are also experienced in Part 150 noise studies, including design and implementation of voluntary acquisition programs and residential soundproofing. C&S has lead the way on incorporating sustainability into the master planning process, which brings environmental, social, economic and operational benefits. As the consultant for the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport sustainable master plan, we worked on the country’s first FAA-funded sustainable master plan. This groundbreaking project integrated sustainability throughout the planning process, starting with sustainability baseline assessments and continuing throughout the process with sustainability guidelines, alternatives criteria, and decision-making matrices..

Sustainability Planning
Sustainability is a growing movement in both the aviation industry and the country overall. In today’s ever-greening world, a more robust and integrative approach to planning is emerging. Airports are striving to improve environmental conditions, reduce their carbon footprints, limit their use of non-renewable resources, and to reach out to the community. Sustainability is becoming a key component of almost every project on an airfield. Sustainability planning is a growing movement that is being promoted by the FAA. C&S is one of the few firms in the country with experience developing both standalone sustainability management plans and integrated sustainable master plans. Both types of sustainability plans look at the airport as a whole, identifying key areas of environmental impacts. The process begins with a baseline assessment of each category identified in the plan, then sets goals and objectives for each area. A detailed implementation plan gives the airport the tools to make more informed decisions moving forward and helps them reach their sustainability goals. C&S was selected as the consultant for Fresno Yosemite International Airport’s sustainability management plan, which was one of just 10 plans in the FAA’s sustainability planning pilot program.

Environmental Planning
C&S approaches every airport project with the goal of enhancing value to the social, environmental, economic, and political life of the community. Our interdisciplinary staff prepares airport environmental studies to meet all requirements outlined in FAA Order 5050.4B Airport Environmental Handbook. C&S has additional expertise in integrated airport/community planning; environmental quality analysis and management; wetlands/ecological studies and wildlife hazard plans; mitigation design and implementation; environmental management systems; and GIS/Web applications.