QuieterSchool Program

C&S's QuieterSchool ProgramC&S’s QuieterSchool Program emerged from our successful track record of sound attenuation projects and our expertise in designing educational facilities. We work with schools across the country, maximizing available FAA sound attenuation program funding to improve the learning environment. C&S has successfully treated 22 schools and houses of worship. Developing language and reading skills is hard enough for young children. Imagine trying to accomplish these important developmental steps while noisy planes are constantly flying over your classroom. Unfortunately, for many children, this is just the type of classroom they sit in every day. Research has proven that chronic exposure to high levels of noise interferes with children’s ability to learn. Noise is consistently linked to reading deficits and may interfere with speech perception and long-term memory in primary school children. Fortunately, studies also show that some reading and memory problems are reversible when environmental noise is mitigated. To reduce harmful effects, measures must be taken as early as possible. QuieterSchool’s philosophy is to focus on the students and staff—not just the noise. We enhance the learning environment along with the sound attenuation. Our programs can increase the functional space in schools, improve the indoor quality with modern HVAC systems, add storage and organization, and maximize aesthetics. By combining cutting-edge design and new innovations in building technology, these projects incorporate the components of high performance schools.