From initial data collection and analysis to comprehensive planning to highway and bridge design and construction, C&S has the resources to complete both small- and large-scale projects in house. We have more than 100 professionals working in transportation-related fields, including land planning; traffic forecasting and analysis; highway, bridge, and airport design and construction; geographic information systems; and environmental assessments.

Transportation Planning
We develop practical, creative, and responsive solutions that will serve travelers far into the future. We offer:

  • Transportation corridor studies
  • Circulation studies
  • Transportation master plans
  • Travel demand modeling
  • Parking supply and demand management studies
  • Bicycle and pedestrian access and mobility studies
  • Transportation-land use studies

Transportation Models
C&S has significant experience in all aspects of traffic forecasting and analysis. Traffic operational analysis and simulation are performed using the most appropriate software and methodology for each assignment, including Synchro/SimTraffic and VISSIM. In addition to using these tools to simulate roadway and intersection operations, C&S has developed a unique application of VISSIM to simulate curbside drop-off and pick-up activity at an airport’s passenger terminal, similar to situations encountered at a transit facility.

Traffic Engineering
C&S’s dedicated team of traffic engineers and transportation planners include Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE) and a members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). We offer:

  • Intersection improvement design
  • Traffic calming
  • Access management
  • Traffic simulation
  • Traffic signal design and coordination
  • Accident/safety studies
  • Traffic impact studies

Traffic Data Collection
C&S staff has the ability to inventory transportation systems and obtain volume, origin-destination, speed and delay, vehicle classification, and gap data. The inventory of transportation systems physical and operational data may include lane use, roadway geometry, the presence of signal or stop control, signal characteristics (including equipment and timing), and roadway signage. C&S has also used innovative approaches to data collection, including the use of global positioning system (GPS) units to collect travel time and delay data and integrating the data into a geographic information system (GIS).

Traffic Impact Analysis
C&S staff has performed numerous traffic impacts studies (TIS). Working on behalf of developers and private companies, we have evaluated projects ranging in size from less than 50,000 square feet to over 1.5 million square feet. C&S staff has performed TIS in urban, suburban, and rural environments. Depending on the project location and study area needs, data collection and analysis has included pedestrians, bicycles, local and regional public transportation services, and an assessment of heavy vehicles. C&S also considers the development of the on-site transportation and its potential impact on the surrounding transportation system. TIS development includes an assessment of site access, sight distance, internal queuing, and loading and service operations.

Public Participation
C&S has conducted public information and outreach meetings associated with transportation projects of various sizes and levels of complexity. Members of the transportation team are experienced in presenting traffic issues in lay terms and using appropriate presentation materials including visualization tools as appropriate.