Download the C&S Companies Sustainability Policy

At C&S, the world around us is our business. As engineers, architects, planners, environmental scientists, and construction professionals, our job is to build and protect the infrastructure and environment that we all depend on. The world is becoming ever greener. Every segment of our society, from business and industry to education and our home lives, is taking a hard look at how our activities affect the planet. Adopting new, environmentally sound ways of living and working wasn’t just a choice for C&S; it was a requirement. The sustainability movement affects every business model at C&S.

Our expertise and ingenuity is being applied to every service we offer. From designing sustainable schools to reducing emissions at airports to on-site materials recycling at our construction sites, we’re looking for ways to make our projects more sustainable. We have an internal Sustainable Society group comprising staff from every discipline at C&S who get together monthly to find ways that we can be a greener company.

We are proud of the initiatives we’ve started, including a rigorous recycling program, preferred parking for green vehicles, our fleet of Toyota Prius Hybrid cars that we use for project travel, composting food waste, and most of all, building our LEED Certified 22,000-square-foot building addition—one of the first LEED Certified buildings in the area, and receiving LEED EBOM certification for our entire headquarters building.

Our goals moving forward are to continue to find ways to be greener in our everyday lives, and especially to help our clients become more sustainable. Buildings and infrastructure use the majority of the energy humans expend. Because of the nature of our work, C&S can drastically affect our built environment by integrating sustainable principles into every project we undertake. Green does not have to be more expensive or more complicated. In fact, green buildings actually cost far less to own and operate in the long term. We have the unique opportunity to use our in-house resources and expertise to make a significant difference in our communities by designing and building projects that are healthier for both the planet and the people who use them.

The sustainability movement is not one-dimensional. The benefits of living and working more sustainably touch everything from our physical health to our finances to our emotional well-being. C&S is excited and proud to have the opportunity to positively affect so many areas of our lives through embracing green principles.