Kent State Airport Sustainable Master Plan Wins award

kentstatemp2 C&S was the prime consultant for Kent State University Airport’s master plan update. The project was recently awarded an Honorable Mention at the Airports Going Green Ceremony for its incorporation of sustainability into the master plan. The awards recognize people, programs and projects that are leading the industry toward a greener future. The conference provides a forum for the industry leaders in sustainability in aviation to get together to learn and exchange information.

“Kent State University receiving this certificate is important because it recognizes the value of our Sustainable Master Plan.” says David Poluga, Kent State Airport manager, “as well as the University’s leadership in the pursuit of sustainability within the aviation industry.”

The Kent State Airport participated in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Sustainable Master Plan pilot program and from this was selected to receive funding from the FAA to continue planning for sustainability. The master plan is designed to make the airport more environmentally friendly, economically sound and as safe as possible.

The FAA awarded a grant to incorporate sustainability planning into the master plan process. The inclusion of sustainability planning ensures the long-term viability of the airport, the community, and the natural environment in a way that continues to support the economic development and prosperity of the region. The expansion of the master plan scope of services to incorporate sustainability builds on the university’s commitment to the implementation of sustainable practices. The master plan process is unique because the majority of activity at this public-use airport is associated with the university. Also, the university previously recommended closing the airport and relocating its flight training program. It is now reconsidering this recommendation because it envisions a strong future for the flight training program and the airport and because the FAA felt that closing the airport would conflict with grant assurances that the airport would remain open and in public use. C&S developed a public information website, with important announcements and documents.