Michael Hotaling discusses aviation funding with Engineering, Inc.

C&S senior vice president Michael Hotaling weighs in on the future of funding for aviation infrastructure projects in the July/August issue of Engineering, Inc., the monthly magazine from the American Council of Engineering Companies.

He discusses the changing value of Passenger Facility Charges and the challenges airports face when implementing them to help fund capital projects. “The PFC is now worth about half of what it once was. Increasing the PFC has been a battleground between the airports, which consider it to be a user fee, and the airlines, which see it as a tax.”

Another way C&S is helping airports with funding is by working with them to identify existing land assets that can be monetized. “We work with them to identify opportunities that help generate revenue from their land holdings. Using detailed market analytics, we determine the best uses for the land, how to market it for development and to whom.”

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