Chuck Pietra now leading C&S’s civil CAD practice

C&S welcomes Chuck Pietra as the company’s civil CAD manager. His initiatives include integrating design software and technologies such as building information modeling (BIM), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and computer-aided engineering (CAE) into civil design projects for highways, bridges, airports, and site development. By expanding the use of new technology, C&S will be able to deliver even smarter and more usable deliverables to clients, reducing costs and schedules and delivering increased value.

Chuck has been involved with technology implementation and training in the engineering industry for more than 30 years, including owning an Autodesk and ESRI consulting firm and appearing on the Autodesk Channel for 5 years. He holds certifications from Autodesk and is a frequent guest speaker at the local and national level, including presenting at Autodesk University more than 10 times. He most recently worked as the technical applications manager at O’Brien and Gere in Syracuse. Chuck hold a master’s and bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oswego.

Contact Chuck at or (315) 455-2000

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