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Aviation Planning Team Gives Back

Week 4 — We Did It!

Everything is about people! And people are creative! Our people form the foundation for outstanding service to our clients and communities. I am proud to bring together and summarize a creative effort that the C&S Aviation Planning Team imagined, developed and implemented in a unique way. The last four weeks was a great team building activity for a geographically dispersed team. The activities created banter and fun as everyone completed their 5k in different ways and in different locations. While doing this team building, we were able to highlight the 2020 Los Angeles County Airports Economic Impact Analysis Report. And best of all, we discovered Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum! An important community asset that allowed us to be able to give back to a community that we live and work in, our core purpose, showing and living our core values!

Way to go Aviation Planning Team! You helped raise $1,250 for TAM! You all have a lot to be proud of and thank you to C&S Companies and the C&S Foundation for your commitment to our people and our communities. Curious what our passionate aviation planning team can do for your airport? Contact Marc Champigny at (518) 618-1895 or

Week 3 — C&S Invests in Their Staff and Youth Education

At C&S, we’re walking the walk – for over fifty years, we’ve focused on improving the world around us. As the trusted choice of clients across the country, we partner with them to achieve their critical infrastructure goals and serve their communities. This month, the C&S Aviation Planning Team is participating in the inaugural C&S 5K – this effort affirms C&S’s commitment to the health and well-being of our staff, contributing to our community, and enabling the educational development of youth in the City of Compton.

Giving back is what we do. Our employees are passionate about the communities where we live and work and the C&S Foundation was created to support our employee’s charitable efforts. C&S employees across the country serve on not-for-profits boards and donate their time. The C&S Foundation is supporting the C&S 5k and will donate to Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) for each member of our Planning Team who completes the 5k.

While the C&S 5k has been a tremendous team building opportunity for the C&S Aviation Planning Team, the real beneficiary of our team’s efforts will be the youth in the City of Compton. Truly a unique program, TAM focuses on three core philosophies – 1) start introducing the inspiration of flight at an early age, 2) maximize out-of-school time, and 3) aggressively promote and support the most lofty and innovative goals. On the cutting edge of aviation sustainability, TAM has recently invested in electric aircraft to continue offering children the training that allows them to chase their dreams.

C&S is proud to focus our time and efforts in support of TAM, the next generation of aviation enthusiasts. Transforming our passion in our work from the pages of the Los Angeles County Airports Economic Impact Analysis Report to the streets and trails near our homes, our Team is well on their way to completing the C&S 5k.

Talking the talk and walking the walk. Curious what our passionate aviation planning team can do for your airport? Contact Carly Shannon at (315) 420-7961 or

Week 2 — Going the Extra Mile for LA County and Tomorrow’s Aviation Museum

At C&S we are known for going the extra mile for our clients, this month, our Planning Team has taken that literally. To be more precise our team is going 3.1 miles or 5,000 meters, creating the inaugural C&S 5k to raise money for Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum at Compton/Woodley Airport in Los Angeles County.  Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) is a multi-faceted museum, community outreach, and educational organization that creates opportunities for children from the City of Compton by introducing them to the world of aviation. Learn more about our 5k efforts here.

The C&S Team had the good fortune to connect with TAM while conducting the 2020 Los Angeles County Airports Economic Impact Analysis Report. The Report outlines the economic benefits produced by the five County-owned airports (Brackett Field, Compton/Woodley, San Gabriel Valley, Fox Field and Whiteman Airports) to the region’s economy. In total, the County-owned airports support more than 1,700 jobs representing $118 million in employee wages and $279 million in economic output within Los Angeles County each year.

Each of the County’s airports makes valuable contributions to the Los Angeles County region by supporting economic benefits and community services. The airports support law enforcement, disaster response, and public safety operations, offer restaurants and viewing areas to the public, and host air shows and open house events each year.  The Economic Impact Analysis spotlights many of the businesses and non-profits at each of the airports, including TAM.

Some 6,000 children are enrolled in TAM’s after-school program at Compton/Woodley Airport, with between 120 and 150 kids participating each day. The after-school program provides academic support, mentoring, and career-oriented training in STEM disciplines such as coding, engineering and design, robotics, and manufacturing, with a special focus on aviation and aerospace. Many graduates of TAM go on to pursue exciting careers and often return to the program to volunteer their time and serve as role models for the kids.

Through TAM, students can earn opportunities to enroll in flight training and learn to fly—among the organization’s many successes, eight children from its program have set 15 different aviation world records for their accomplishments!  TAM’s work resonated with and inspired the C&S Planning Team and made a perfect partner for the inaugural C&S 5k.

Introduce our team to the recipient of the next 5k! We’re ready to not only support your projects but your community as well. Contact Kim Fabend at (315) 703-4405 or

Week 1 — Aviation Planning Team Gives Back

C&S is passionate about giving back to the communities where we live and work. Even in a pandemic, our Planning Team has found a creative way to give back. While we are usually known for bringing innovation, creativity and ingenuity to aviation projects across the country, this month our team has established the inaugural C&S 5k – a way to invest in our team and our community.  

Our Aviation Planning Team is strategically located throughout the country, in order to best serve our clients, and continually looks for creative ways to connect as a team while giving back. Not ones to let social distancing slow us down, we were inspired by our work on the Los Angeles County Airports Economic Impact Analysis Report, where we first learned of Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) at Compton/Woodley Airport in Los Angeles County.

While we can’t physically be together this year, the 5k is a great opportunity for our team to bond outside of work while supporting a worthy cause. For each member of our team who completes the 5k over the next month, the C&S Foundation will make a donation to TAM.

Join us for the next month and help support our Team as we walk, run, hike, and bike to raise funds for Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum at Compton/Woodley Airport in Los Angeles County. Check the C&S website next week or contact Kelly Moulton at (916) 210-0529 or to learn more about how our economic impact analysis work inspired a 5k.

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