City of Syracuse Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP)

About the Project

The City of Syracuse Department of Engineering is seeking public input regarding the City’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP).  The City of Syracuse is fully committed to developing a pedestrian safe environment throughout the city.  The City has approximately 80 uncontrolled pedestrian crosswalks and 300 signalized intersections within the city limits.  The PSAP Project will bring all uncontrolled pedestrian crosswalks within the city limits up to the standard treatment as identified in the New York State Department of Transportation PSAP guidance.  The standard treatment consists of warning signage at the crosswalk, advance crosswalk warning signage, and crosswalk pavement markings.   Some locations will receive additional treatments such as rectangular rapid flashing beacons to further enhance crosswalk safety.

The pedestrian safety improvements at approximately 62 signalized intersections will consist of new bi-modal pedestrian signal head with countdown timers where needed, accessible pedestrian signals, signage revisions or additions and crosswalk pavement markings.  The traffic signals in the central downtown business district where pedestrians are most prevalent will be addressed first and then additional signalized intersections will be addressed as budget allows.

Your comments and concerns on the project are important. Please see the contact form below to provide comments.

Click here for the Project Location Map

Uncontrolled Crosswalk Upgrade

Existing Uncontrolled Crosswalk

Completed Uncontrolled Crosswalk










Project Uncontrolled Crosswalk Locations:

Click to view all of the uncontrolled crosswalk location plans:
Volume 1  |  Volume 2  |  Volume 3

Signalized Location Upgrade

Existing Signalized Crosswalk

Proposed Signalized Crosswalk










Project Signalized Locations:

Click to view all of the signalized location plans:
Volume 1  |  Volume 2

Anticipated Costs

The total project cost, including design engineering, construction and construction inspection/administration, is anticipated to be approximately $1,540,000.  This project is 100% federally funded.

Estimated Project Dates:

Design Approval: April 2021

Begin Construction: September 2021

Complete Construction: November 2021

Public Comments

Please provide any comments or questions on the project by April 9, 2021. Your comments will be addressed and included in the project design report.

Russell Houck, P.E.
Facilities Engineer
Department of Engineering
City of Syracuse
233 East Washington Street, Room 401
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 448-8059

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