Engineering Expo Sessions

2019 CNY Engineering Expo Sessions

Subject to change (not in chronological order)


  • High Performance Concrete Today – How Admixtures Contribute to the Cause Innovations in Asphalt
  • Advanced Drainage Systems
  • The Concrete Conundrum: Concrete Floors, Slabs and Sorting Out Floor Treatments
  • Volume Reduction Methodology for StormWater Retention/Detention Systems
  • Identifying and Preventing Inflow & Infiltration in Manholes and other Structures

Professional / Sustainability

  • Public Safety Promoted through use of Composite Materials
  • Contract Documents
  • Fracking water treatment and CBD production: A Tech Review
  • Life Cycle Costs Analysis
  • The Changing Climate of Climate Change: Exploring Perspectives
  • Concrete Cloth for Erosion Control/Geopolymer for Pipe Rehab

Fire Protection

  • Compartment Fire Dynamics and its Effect on Fire Protection System Design
  • Can’t We All Get Along? The Fire Protection Viewpoint of Contractors and Engineers
  • Hazard vs. Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety with Concrete Masonry Products
  • Combustible Dust

HVAC / Energy

  • What’s New in Future Energy Standard: Applying ASHRAE 90.1-2016 and 90.1-2019 in Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Intelligent Buildings – Technology is changing what is possible in the built environment
  • Critical Facilities New Construction Commissioning and Existing Building Commissioning
  • Building Envelopes: an Untapped Energy System
  • Energy Conservation for the Cannabis Industry
  • Lubrication Oils – How They Work and What’s Next


  • Castings for Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel
  • Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures
  • Admixtures
  • Safety in Design
  • Effective Design with Masonry
  • Helical Anchors

Electrical / Lighting

  • Fuel Cells & the Future of Distributed Generation
  • Designing Lighting for a Sports Venue
  • Battery Storage
  • Mixed Signals: Animating Lighting with Different Protocols
  • Introduction to Transmission Planning Studies and Outage Coordination
  • Harmonics, Knowing the Basics is Essential
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