Margaret Street Concept Study

The City of Plattsburgh, together with C&S Companies, is looking to improve Margaret Street!

About the Project

Through NYS Touring Routes funding, the City of Plattsburgh would like to engage the public to envision Margaret Street to meet the needs of the future. Through an active public and stakeholder engagement process, the community visions for Margaret Street will be realized and converted into a viable capital improvement project.




















Project Approach

The project is going to kick-off with a strong public and stakeholder engagement phase.  Our team will work to meaningfully engage the public through communication strategies. The C&S team understands that the context of place is key to any design; the history of a place, the community that it serves, why we want to invest, as well as how we want to write the next chapter of our future should impact the design of a place more than anything else.  Identifying and leveraging the assets of an area as well as the people most committed to the community allows us to build from its strengths.


Project Advisory Committee

A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) has been created to assist with oversight and provide local knowledge and expertise through the duration of the project. 

Name and Association:

Matt Miller–City of Plattsburgh
Courtney Meisenheimer–City of Plattsburgh
Ethan Vinson–City of Plattsburgh
Andrew Durrin–City of Plattsburgh
Caitlyn Bopp–City of Plattsburgh

Steve Brody–Antiques and Variety Mall

Kyle Dyer–SIP

Nicole Laurin–JCEO

Tom McNichols–Strand Center for the Arts

Monticia Prather–Community Bank

Alyssa Senecal–North Country Chamber of Commerce

KT Teaney–Old Soul

Patty Waldron–Koffee Kat

Meghan Weeden–City Zoning Board

Karl Weiss–Resident

How to Get Involved

Members of the public will have multiple opportunities to learn about the project and provide input as the design progresses. If you are interested in being added to the contact list to be notified of future project events, please send your name and email address to:


Business Owners, Property Owners, Residents of Margaret Street Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 6pm
Plattsburgh Public Library
19 Oak Street

Click here to view the meeting presentation. 

Public Outreach Survey Results Meeting
Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 at 6pm

Click here to listen to the meeting recording.

Public Information Meeting No. 2
Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 at 5:30pm
Plattsburgh Public Library
19 Oak Street

Click here to listen to the meeting recording. 


Survey #1: Margaret Street Concept Study Public Outreach

Survey #2: Margaret Street Concept Study Alternatives


Click here to view the Margaret Street Concept Study.  

Contact Us

Please use the email below to submit your questions and/or comments.




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