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Mike LaMontagne

Christian Center Interior Renovation

Abundant Life Next Room Fellowship Space

The renovation of the interior spaces of Abundant Life Christian Center focused on fellowship spaces, the children’s wing, and community outreach functions. The existing bookstore, once the focal point of the main lobby and gathering space, was replaced by The Next Room, a space for members or guests to learn more about the church community and how to get involved. Space adjacent to The Next Room was dedicated to fellowship and contains a full-service coffee shop and gathering space.

The children’s wing renovation consisted of seven classroom spaces serving children from birth to five years. Each space was reconfigured to improve the safety and security of the children during pick-up and drop-off. The overall area of the children’s wing gained added security through circulation reconfiguring and access control strategies at entrance points. Each age group of the children’s wing was assigned a defining shape to represent the child’s relationship to God at their particular stage of development.

To better serve members of the community in need of food assistance, a new dedicated food pantry serves as a place of dignity.  The renovated pantry is bright, organized, and appealing with a seating area included for spiritual ministry to occur alongside food distribution.

Abundant Life Children's Room

Abundant Life Food Pantry

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