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Mike LaMontagne

Guest Service Center and Lobby Renovation

Lobby seating

C&S was prime consultant and performed architectural, structural, and electrical engineering for the renovation of approximately 11,900 square feet of University Hospital’s main lobby and creation of a guest service center in a portion of the first floor west wing. The major goals of the project were to create a welcoming experience for patients and their families, support intuitive wayfinding, reduce delays at the information/security badging desk, and relocate services not requiring security badging for visitors.

At the heart of the design is a new guest service center located off the main lobby and near the hospital main entry. The service center features its own waiting room with various services clustered around it including registration, patient relations, patient experience, medical records release, and financial counseling. The parking office and retail pharmacy are located just to the west of the service center near the west wing’s elevator lobby. All of these services will be accessible without security badging, which will help reduce unnecessary waiting.

In the main lobby, the information desk will move further away from the front entrance, allowing for more queuing space for visitors who need security badges before proceeding further into the hospital. The design uses materials and color to guide visitors from the entry and information desk to the main hospital elevator lobby. New finishes give the lobby an updated appearance while enhancing some existing features like the granite panels that were part of the original hospital.

Registration desks Information desk

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