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Corey Johnson

Indianapolis Airport Authority On-Call Aviation Sustainability Consulting

 Indianapolis Envision Projects at Airport - Aerial

C&S has assisted the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) with many facets of sustainability, including program management, planning, and integration into design and construction. In 2020, C&S was selected as the prime consultant to develop a Sustainability Management Plan for Indianapolis International Airport (IND). The plan will, which will be the first SMP to fully integrate resilience, will formalize the IAA’s sustainability approach and incorporate stakeholder input to establish a robust and enduring framework for the Authority.Envision Certification Report

C&S’s role with the SMP builds on several years of providing on-call consulting support to the IAA. C&S advised the IAA on the integration of sustainability into project design and construction at IND and their five general aviation airports, stressing the importance of flexibility and adaptability. C&S reviewed IAA specifications and provided recommendations for incorporating sustainability and resilience measures and improving implementation. C&S developed a Sustainability Toolkit for the IAA to further support sustainability integration, a tool that won an ACI-NA Environmental Award for its effective mitigation of environmental impacts. The tailored and user-friendly Toolkit enables project teams to identify value-add sustainability strategies for various types of airport projects and correlates actions to rating system credits to support award/certification. C&S developed an in-person and video-based training to educate staff on the benefits of incorporating sustainability and how to use the toolkit, which can be easily distributed and viewed.

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