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Corey Johnson

Portland International Airport Solar Siting Study

The Port of Portland engaged C&S to study siting locations for a solar energy development at Portland International Airport (PDX). The study was intended to help the Port identify viable sites for ground-mounted solar at PDX and to provide advice on how to fund and advance solar investments at PDX within the next five years. Solar siting opportunities emerging from this study will help the Port move toward the 15 MW and 18,000 MWh targets for onsite renewable energy capacity and generation, respectively.

C&S held a series of workshops with the Port to discuss solar siting locations at PDX. The workshops, which included representatives from across the Port, focused on reviewing the Port’s rationale for pursuing solar, a review of previously
identified sites for solar development, and a discussion of additional potential sites. In total, 15 sites were identified for inclusion in the study.

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