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Michael Hotaling

Matt Wenham

Flagler County Taxiway Rehabilitation

Under a term contract, C&S designed the rehabilitation of taxiways C, D and E, and the construction of partial parallel Taxiway H. Due to pavement age and extreme deterioration, a large portion of the taxiways required reconstruction. A combination of full-depth reclamation and conventional construction methods was the most economical and environmentally conscious option. The taxiway lighting and directional/guidance signage system were replaced with LED lights, LED guidance signs, and the direct buried cable was replaced with cable in conduit. The Taxiway H project included paving, grading, drainage and lighting of a new partial parallel taxiway. Multiple failed pavement areas were a result of the aged stormwater drainage system from the 1940s. The pipes and catch basins were replaced or eliminated through new grading.

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