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Kent State University Airport Master Plan

C&S developed an airport master plan for Kent State University Airport, a GA facility owned by the university for its flight training program. The master plan incorporated sustainability and builds on the university’s commitment to the implementation of sustainable practices. The master plan also reconsidered the university’s previous recommendation to close the airport because it envisions a strong future for the flight training program and airport and because the FAA felt that closing the airport would conflict with grant assurances. To incorporate the community and stakeholder feedback, the master plan used scenario planning to develop and test a variety of plausible futures to achieve objectives. C&S developed a project website and public fact sheets. In addition to public meetings and workshops, a Citizens Liaison Group served as a conduit for communication with community. The project received an Honorable Mention at the 2016 Airports Going Green Conference and is highlighted as a case study in the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Airport Cooperative Research Program Synthesis 66: Lessons Learned from Airport Sustainability Plans.

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