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Los Angeles County Economic Impact Analysis

C&S conducted an economic impact analysis for the Los Angeles County system consisting of five general aviation airports:

  • Brackett Field Airport (POC)
  • Compton/Woodley Airport (CPM)
  • San Gabriel Valley Airport (EMT)
  • General William J. Fox Airfield (“Fox Field”, WJF)
  • Whiteman Airport (WHP)

The purpose of the study was to characterize the nature and scale of benefits – economic and otherwise – generated by each of the County-owned airports and the system as a whole.

Several categories of economic benefits were quantified for the analysis. These include airport operations and capital improvements, aviation and other private businesses located onsite, airport-facilitated tourism and business travel, public-sector employment, and on-airport film production activities. Economic impact modeling software was used to quantify the employment, wage, and economic output benefits attributed to each County airport. Information used to develop model inputs was obtained directly from airport tenants through survey responses and personal interviews, as well as through targeted research pertinent to the regional market.

In addition to quantified economic benefits, the analysis highlighted the airport system’s important roles in supporting public safety and other services that benefit the residents of Los Angeles County.

Results of the analysis illustrate the impressive scale of economic and other public benefits the airport system is able to generate through modest budgetary investments, amplifying its real impact. Yet the challenge still remained of how to accessibly and powerfully communicate the realities and results. So rather than produce a lengthy report with highly technical language, the C&S team drilled down to the essential process points and takeaways and prepared a concise, content-rich and graphics-driven briefing that is readily interpreted and understood. This summary tool was well received by the County airport system, immediately serving as a public-facing document used to convey the airport system’s benefits to lawmakers, community stakeholders and County residents.

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