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C&S is one of very few firms structured to provide both comprehensive design and construction services.


Jameson DeFio
(East Coast)

Melissa Stern
(West Coast)
CA Lic:1022392

1886 Malt House

“We partnered with C&S for the design, build and construction management of our state-of-the-art malt house. They were thorough, timely and the utmost  professionals in leading us to successful completion.” —Tim Hardy, General Manager

C&S designed and provided construction management at risk for the new 1886 malt house at Sunoco’s biofuel plant in Fulton, NY. The new malt house, with a 60 ton per week capacity, is the largest of its kind. The design employed new German malting technology and innovative grain handling systems. Working collectively with the Sunoco team, C&S developed a comprehensive process design that allowed the operators to produce specialized malted barley. The products for this new manufacturing facility are the malted grains plus a high protein animal feed. The malted grains are used by the fast growing craft brewing industry in New York.

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