Energy Portfolio

Energy-efficiency improvements save resources and money while improving user experience.


Manchester-Shortsville CSD Energy-Efficiency Improvements

Interior fluorescent lighting was replaced with efficient LED fixtures with advanced controls, expanding an existing lighting control system. Inefficient condensing roof units were replaced with more efficient units that use 30 percent less energy. The existing chiller was replaced with a more efficient unit using 35 percent less energy. Three hot water pump motors were replaced with more efficient motors and variable frequency drives, enabling the motors to slow down when demand for heat is low. One of three existing cast iron sectional boilers was replaced with a more efficient condensing boiler. Two domestic hot water heaters and a hot water storage tank were replaced with more efficient semi-instantaneous hot water heaters. In addition to the efficiency gains, stand-by losses were avoided by eliminating the hot water storage tank. Six rooftop units were replaced with units with demand control ventilation capabilities, adding CO2 sensors and enabling the units to vary the amount of outdoor air provided to meet code. Controls upgrades increased the energy savings, including innovative strategies to reduce equipment runtime.

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