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Dan Riker

Multi-Purpose Aviation and Automotive Fuel Facility

C&S designed a new multi-purpose, aviation and automotive fuel facility. The aviation portion has two 20,000-gallon jet fuel aboveground (AST) storage tanks, a main fuel transfer cabinet, and two in-to-plane aircraft fueling cabinets. The tanks are double-wall steel and equipped with 20% internal overflow compartments to meet the state’s petroleum bulk storage secondary containment requirements, and avoid management of stormwater accumulations in a traditional dike containment. The system includes the following unique features:

  • 2,000 feet of double-wall underground piping, with a leak detection cable running the entire length of the piping to pinpoint a leak.
  • A fuel transfer area secondary containment drainage system.
  • A storage tank electronic level and leak detection system that is accessible to the facility network.

The automotive portion has a 1,000-gallon, double-wall steel AST, split via a double-wall bulkhead into two 500-gallon compartments, one for diesel, and the other for unleaded gasoline. Other features include a two-hose, two-product dispenser, under-dispenser containment, and a remote fuel fill box.

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