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Nicholas Cerro

Jeff Palin

SUNY Cobleskill Campus-Wide Site Utility Assessment

This campus-wide site utility assessment for the 336-acre, 70+ building main campus area located, documented, and developed a database about existing campus utilities. An overall assessment of each underground utility asset was conducted through physical inspection, associated testing, and a condition report. Each utility was mapped in three dimensions and integrated with an updated aerial photogrammetric survey of the entire campus. The mapping and associated database can be integrated into the college’s computerized maintenance management system. A condition assessment report included immediate, five-, 10-, and 20-year replacement recommendations for each utility system. All of the information was linked to a graphical user interface in a GIS model that the campus can use to extract information about all of their major campus systems. C&S also identified sustainability opportunities, and performed sub-metering at four different building types to assess energy usage and options for cost savings. This project received a Diamond Award for Engineering Excellence from ACEC-New York, the highest award given at the state level.

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