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Nicholas Cerro

Jeff Palin

SUNY Cortland Campus-wide Electrical Upgrade

C&S designed a campus-wide site electrical distribution system upgrade to replace SUNY Cortland’s aging existing system. Phase 1 replaced the existing 115 KV substation with two 10 MVA transformers with a 13.8 KV secondary, and added a distribution building housing 15 KV switchgear and capacitors that allowed upgrade of the entire campus to 13.8 KV. The 15 KV gear was configured as a double-ended main-tie-main, so the loss of a single transformer will keep the campus in full operation. This allowed the 35.4 overhead distribution to be removed and eliminated a north substation. Phase 2 included 22,500 linear feet of ductbanks and manholes in a three-loop distribution system feeding 13.8 KV to 28 buildings. Each building has a SF6 type loop switch that allows a single building to be taken off line while maintaining service to the others. Loop 3 was commissioned under Phase 2, and loops 1 and 2 were completed in Phase 3. The new distribution configuration has greater reliability and continuity of service.

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