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Nicholas Cerro

Jeff Palin

Madison County Highway Facility

vehicle bay with salt trucks C&S designed a new regional highway department maintenance facility to replace a building that had reached its useful life. The project includes the transformation of the site of a reclaimed gravel bed.

The site design includes a complete layout of the property, which consists of not only the main 53,000-square-foot building, but also a cold storage building, material lay-down areas, a fuel facility, and salt storage building. Existing access roadway was reused and widened to accommodate the vehicle mix and a secondary access road was developed to connect to the road on the other side of the property.

The highway garage houses a large bay for vehicle storage with a drive-through arrangement for ease of use and energy efficiency. Four maintenance bays include lifts, overhead hoist coverage, and an adjacent welding area. A wash bay on the route of vehicular site traffic allows trucks to be washed prior to being stored within the main building. Parts and tire storage spaces also exist.The project won a 2022 ACEC New York Silver Award for Engineering Excellence.

fueling facility

office space


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