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SUNY Morrisville Replacement of Underground Utilities and Site Enhancements

SUNY Morrisville Covered Stairway

C&S designed and provided construction administration for the replacement of underground utilities and site enhancements at SUNY Morrisville (SUCF Project No. 271005). C&S was already designing SUCF Project No. 271004—rehabilitation of electric feeder and distribution system, and with the close coordination and phasing between the projects, SUCF selected C&S for this project as well.

The project focused on three campus areas: the main academic quad, the area in front of Crawford Hall, and the main staircase between Crawford Hall and Butcher Library.

The utilities in the academic quad were aging and had some failures. Utility replacements included water, storm, sanitary, pumped condensate, medium temperature hot water (MTW), and domestic hot water (DW). The academic quad has all new landscaping, including a central feature area and accessibility improvements. Many of the existing trees were preserved during construction, because they are used in the academic programs on campus.

The MTW and DW systems in front of Crawford Hall were replaced. Landscaping and grading changes were made for accessibility and drainage improvements. A new covered staircase was built on the east side of Crawford Hall and a new section of electrical ductbank was installed for use under SUCF Project No. 271004.

The main staircase between Crawford Hall and Butcher Library was demolished and rebuilt. One half of the staircase has a cover for protection against the elements. The center area of the staircase allows replacement of the MTW system running down the staircase. In Butcher Library, a new elevator was installed with exterior access only to provide accessibility.

SUNY Morrisville STairway from Top

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