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Nicholas Cerro

Jeff Palin

New York State Fair Improvements

C&S designed a number of improvements to the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. We were the lead architect and engineer for renovations and new construction at the Indian Village, NYS Police exhibit, and the racing stables. At the Indian Village, we designed $500,000 renovations to the Six Nations Indian Village. All buildings on the site were re-roofed and interior MEP improvements were made to the soup kitchen. The Turtle Mound was renovated to redefine the dance surface and provide a back stage area. The $1 million New York State Police exhibit changes included relocating the whole site and renovations to an existing log cabin to convert it into a mock crime scene, site improvements, and dog kennels. A new 60-foot-tall rappelling tower and 14,000-gallon scuba demonstration tank were added. Renovations to the Racing Stables included an engineering feasibility study to convert the existing 1910 vintage 75,000-square-foot racing stables into a multi-tenant vendor space. Work included concept design for a main promenade circulating through the site, conversion of the rotunda into a restaurant, and various improvements to the building envelope.

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