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Today's healthcare facilities require comprehensive and integrated engineering and architecture experts.


Nicholas Cerro

Buffalo General Hospital Central Sterile Suite

C&S provided HVAC, plumbing, electrical and life safety engineering for the full renovation of the central sterile suite. A major design challenge was ensuring that sterile processing remained operational throughout construction. If cleaning and sterilization operations were limited, surgical capacity would be compromised. Construction was split into four phases to accommodate occupied clinical space and maintain proper air pressure. We conducted an extensive field investigation of mechanical, electrical and life safety systems and reviewed, including existing documentation, balancing and testing reports, and owner testing of air handling equipment. Sterilizers are served by steam from the sub-basement and installing steam and condensate piping systems in the sub-basement ceiling was a priority. Careful coordination in the sub-basement was required for floor drain relocations and compressed air routing. HVAC supply also needed to be modernized, but shutting down the existing air handler to replace it was not an option because of the need to maintain the existing sterile suite. The air handling unit base was refurbished and a variable frequency drive added. 

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