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Today's healthcare facilities require comprehensive and integrated engineering and architecture experts.


Maureen Clegg

SUNY Upstate Medical Center CT Suite

C&S designed HVAC, plumbing, medical gases, and life safety system renovations for a new CT machine suite for the emergency department. Space for the CT suite was developed from an area that had been used for physical therapy and occupational therapy. The renovations created a three-room suite with CT imaging room, control room, and CT equipment room. The design was coordinated with the CT manufacturer’s requirements, and satisfies requirements of the Facilities Guideline Institute’s Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities. The HVAC includes a new chilled water air handler with final filters and a dedicated computer room unit. Space was very constricted, limiting installation of the air handling unit to above an adjacent ceiling. The unit had to be extremely quiet because the space below the ceiling is a conference room and during operation, there is no perceptible sound. Medical gases were provided at various locations, and fire detection and sprinklers serve this critical patient area.

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