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Maureen Clegg

Roswell Park Cancer Institute MRI Addition

C&S designed HVAC, life safety, plumbing, and medical gas for a new MRI addition. We reviewed the needs of equipment manufacturers to ensure proper design of the MRI and the suite. The design solutions ensured that the HVAC system satisfies the environmental requirements of any MRI system selected. We evaluated several air handling scenarios to help determine the best options for serving the MRI and future expansions. A rooftop unit using existing natural gas and electric cooling was the most cost-effective solution and minimized functional and operational concerns. Existing chilled water systems cool the MRI and support equipment, and a cartridge filter prevents contaminates from entering equipment. No ferrous metals were used inside the MRI room because of the strong attraction to the magnet. All penetration of the MRI walls and ceilings were shielded with ‘wave guides.’ Conditioning of the equipment room was accomplished with a stand-alone unit that uses existing chilled water for cooling and provides humidification and electric reheat. Air delivered to the MRI suite maintains constant volume to maintain pressure relationships and air quantity.

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