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Maureen Clegg

Vital Access Provider Clinics

Vital Access Provider clinics provide better integration between behavioral health services and primary medical care. Two new outpatient mental health clinics were added at the North Medical Center in Liverpool, NY, and the Northeast Medical Center in Fayetteville, NY. Each clinic is in a facility with existing primary care practices. C&S provided full architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and life safety design for the new clinic spaces. Both clinics are modest in size—3,620 square feet at North Medical and 2,350 square feet at Northeast Medical—but are configured for expansion into adjacent space that will nearly double their size. The position of staff areas, reception, and waiting were carefully designed to stay centrally located after expansion. The suite at Northeast Medical has the advantage of exterior windows, and the design locates counseling spaces along the windows so clients have daylight and exterior views. Interior finishes have a calming residential aesthetic while also being safe, durable, and easy to clean.

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