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Nicholas Cerro

SUNY Canton Dormitory Renovations

SUNY Canton’s Heritage, Rushton, Smith and Mohawk dormitories were constructed in the 1960s and required replacement of the flat roofs,  mansards, and stucco exterior walls on all four dormitories. The roofs were failing because of the flat ballasted design and were replaced with a white EPDM roofing. Additional sloped insulation was added to increase the R-value. The ballast was salvaged and reused. All skylights, flashings, and roof edges were replaced. The adjacent asbestos cement shingles at the mansard roofs were replaced with a durable synthetic polymer slate shingle. The stucco façades were cracked, peeling, and failing, allowing moisture to penetrate. Hazardous material testing showed the stucco to be asbestos containing and the window caulk was positive for PCBs. Because of the added cost of remediation, the existing stucco system was scraped then coated with sealant prior to installation of an exterior insulated finish system. Stone veneer was installed adjacent to the main door at the student commons.

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