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Nicholas Cerro

SUNY Oneonta Campus-Wide Data Center Renovation

As part of HVAC upgrades in Netzer Hall, C&S completed a complete renovation of the campus-wide data center. We removed the lay-in ceiling, replaced the raised floor, relocated equipment cabinets, added new cabling racks to accommodate an upcoming fiber optic project, and installed a new overhead cable tray. To improve air flow, all cabling and power conduits were removed from beneath the raised floor. The fiber distribution between the equipment cabinets and cabling racks is both both single mode and OM3 fiber types, and sized forĀ  expansion. A fully redundant cooling system uses both an in-room CRAC and the campus chilled water. The existing electrical system was replaced and now includes an in-room power panel supplied by both the building electrical switch and the building generator, via a transfer switch to provide redundant electric power. A dedicated grounding system supports the data center. Associated office space was also upgraded with redundant power and new LED lighting was installed in all spaces. The data center remained in operation, without any significant shutdowns throughout the project.

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