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Maureen Clegg

SUNY Potsdam Concert Hall Renovation

C&S designed rehabilitations to the HVAC system in the Helen M. Hosmer Concert Hall. A new air han­dling unit was provided to serve support spaces and another large air handler was installed to provide HVAC for the concert hall only. Finding existing usable space for the new equipment was an issue so new chilled water and steam piping runs through the building, and into the new mechanical room. The ductwork serving the concert hall runs suspended twenty feet above the ceil­ing. New DDC controls were integrated into the existing system. Electrical upgrades included a new motor control center feeding existing circuits to new equipment. The duct smoke detectors and fire alarm shutdown controls were updated. Noise was a concern, so new ductwork was acoustically lined on the interior and sound attenua­tors were provided. Sound tests were taken prior and after the project to ensure the project would decrease the existing HVAC sound levels in the concert hall

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