Industrial Portfolio

Industrial facilities have needs beyond traditional engineering and construction skills.


Jeff Palin

Special Metals Corp. Furnaces Installation

C&S designed and installed two vacuum arc remelting (VAR) furnaces and one electro-slag remelting (ESR) furnace. The design included support structures, underground pits, mezzanines, a pump house addition, cooling tower supports and all electrical and mechanical systems required to serve the furnaces. Special Metals Corp. contracted directly with C&S via a design/build project delivery after the preliminary engineering phase was complete. C&S’s integrated design and construction teams and delivered the project seamlessly. The project was completed on an accelerated schedule to meet Special Metal’s customer’s delivery requirements. Construction began as the final details of the design were being completed and included a deep cast in place concrete pit, structural steel framing, equipment mezzanines, mechanical installation, and a new MCC.

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