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Tim Hughes

C&S Headquarters LEED EBOM

As part of C&S’s commitment to sustainability, we self-performed the LEED O+M certification for our headquarters building in Syracuse, New York. We already had a 22,000-square-foot LEED Certified building addition that was certified under LEED for New Construction in 2009. The design and construction of the addition were guided by C&S’s LEED accredited professionals and internal Green Focus Group. Five years later, C&S pursued O+M certification for the entire 66,879-square-foot headquarters building. The internal team was encouraged to find no-cost and low-cost ways to improve the building’s performance. Some of the improvements to come out of the exercise include:

  • An energy saving Green IT program
  • An electronics recycling program that recycles 100% of business electronics and is also available to employees for personal use
  • Developing green cleaning and sustainable landscape management programs
  • Catering guidelines to reduce the volume of vendor packaging and require recyclable materials
  • Converting turf areas to meadow, reducing noise and air pollution through lawn mowing reduction
  • An employee walking trail and native plant landscape

The policies developed during the establishment phase continue to govern facility operations, maintenance and improvements. Since the performance period ended, new LED lighting has been installed inside the building and in the parking lot, and high-efficiency toilets have replaced existing toilets.

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