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Tim Hughes

LEED Gold-San Diego Airport RDC Building

C&S was the LEED administrator, project management and construction management lead, and site-civil designer for the team that developed a new $8.7 million LEED Gold receiving and distribution center. The 23,000-square-foot facility is the main screening and distribution center for airport concessions. The Airport Authority originally specified  LEED Silver certification, but through mindfulness, hard work, and dedication, C&S was able to achieve LEED Gold by incorporating additional sustainable components. The project site includes drought-tolerant landscaping, which will require no irrigation following plant establishment; light-colored roofing and paving materials to reduce temperature increases associated with darker surfaces; preferred parking for carpooling and energy-efficient vehicles; solar domestic hot water system; bicycle storage and shower facilities to encourage alternative transportation by employees; lighting and climate control systems; and water-efficient plumbing fixtures. According to design calculations, these elements and others could potentially contribute to a 40 percent reduction of potable water use and a 27 percent reduction in energy use compared to a traditional building.

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