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Tim Hughes

Portland International VALE Grant and Air Quality Projects

Under our environmental air quality consulting services, grant funding strategies, and application assistance term contract, C&S has completed several projects at Portland International. We developed criteria pollutant and GHG emission reduction estimates for installation of pre-conditioned air at 27 gates in the C and D concourses. C&S prepared a VALE application that was approved for more than $5 million in additional funding. The emissions reductions for the VALE application used the Airport Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) Version 2b. We showed that the project would reduce criteria pollutants, along with reducing jet fuel usage by 5,833,000 gallons and carbon dioxide emissions by 62,600 tons over 13 years. C&S also estimated criteria pollutants and GHG reductions for installation of electric chargers and converting to eGSE, showing that CO2 emission reduction is 7,962 metric tons a year, and  103,514 tons over 13 years. The fuel savings are estimated to be 4,283,899 of diesel, 5,168,020 of gasoline, and 2,588,619 gallons of propane.

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