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James Morrissey

CR119 Bridge Replacement over Canisteo River

Bridge over Canisteo river aerialC&S provided design and construction inspection services for the replacement of the bridge carrying CR119 over the Canisteo River. C&S led the project through the Locally Administered Federal Aid (LAFA) processes including preliminary and final design, environmental determination, and construction.

The two-span truss exhibited significant deterioration to all superstructure elements, including the trusses, floor system primary members, the timber deck, and gusset plates. These conditions required Steuben County to perform major repairs several years in a row, resulting in a load posting of 15 tons, and restricting the bridge to one lane of traffic. This had been Steuben County’s biggest maintenance headache for years. 

The new 190-foot long bridge is a two-span continuous, steel multi-girder structure supported on semi-integral abutments. The design improved the hydraulic opening over the Canisteo River by better aligning the center pier with the main channel, and raising the profile to provide increased clearance. The rail-to-rail width was increased to 28’-0”, accommodating 11-foot lanes and 3-foot shoulders.

Between improving alignments, relocating the railroad crossing, modifying grades to meet the railroad crossing, avoiding a cemetery, relocating a stream tributary and determining centuries old property owners, all with building a new bridge while keeping the existing bridge in service; this project was very complicated and challenging. The project won a 2022 ACEC New York Silver Award for Engineering Excellence.

Aerial of completed bridge Railroad crossing before bridge

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