Employee Spotlights

Q:    How are you doing personally during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
A: In the midst of this pandemic I am concerned for everyone’s well-being. I am grateful for and inspired by all those whose jobs are deemed essential and are still at work. Especially our health and safety community and those who supply our daily needs at peril to their health. Amazing, brave souls.


Q:    How long have you been working in the construction industry?
A: I’ve been working in construction since 1968. I come from a long line of people in the construction trades.


Q:    What is the most challenging project you have encountered in your career?
A: I find the most challenging projects are those that include the safety, care, and quality of life issues for the tenants or clients while construction is underway.


Q:    What do you like most about the building industry?
A: What I find most satisfying and enjoyable is the creativity and challenge that accompanies any construction project. The bonding and collaboration of all like-minded participants to bring an idea from paper or computer screen into existence.


Q:    Since the COVID-19 outbreak, what have you done to keep your project focused on delivery for the client, and ensure compliance with the CDC guidelines?
A: What to do in light of the stark reality of COVID-19? Follow sound advice, good common sense, and rules. Then move forward in a safe, efficient way, always in compliance. No project is worth a disregard for another human life.


Q:    What is your prediction after COVID-19?
A: Life after COVID-19? We all hope and pray for a vaccine to make us safe again. We move on with our lives in wisdom and within the constraints of good advice and safe protocols. We are resilient people. We will look after each other, maybe with a little more compassion. We will adapt; humans can do amazing things if we look to what is best for all in our society and remember that we are all children of the same Father.
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