Employee Spotlights

Q:    How are you doing personally during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
A: In this difficult time I am just grateful to be working and that my family, friends, and team members are healthy.  I am worried about those that are out of work and also trying to manage children through this unprecedented challenge. All in all, doing well, exited, and thankful to keep the Coast Air project moving forward.


Q:    How long have you been working in the construction industry?
A: I have been working in the construction industry for 20 + years. I grew up around construction as my dad owned his own custom home construction company in AZ. From a young age I was exposed to construction and spent many summers in formative years working on site at many of my dad’s projects.


Q:    What is the most challenging project you have encountered in your career?
A: Every project has its challenges, but I can’t put my finger on one in particular. I have learned to avoid problems on site and look at things that become difficult as a challenge. With team work and experience you learn to resolve challenges and you try to identify challenges before they occur so you can be ready and mitigate before the challenge becomes more significant and consumes your time that allows you to focus on making progress. I try to make all challenges an opportunity to be a learning experience to allow me to grow and be able to identify and resolve issues more efficiently next time I am dealt something difficult.


Q:    What do you like most about the building industry?
A: There is a satisfaction in working with a team from conception to completion. To see a project develop from an idea, to paper, to construction and completion takes a team effort. The team work and collaboration in delivering a successful project is the most gratifying.


Q:    Since the COVID-19 outbreak, what have you done to keep your project focused on delivery for the client, and ensure compliance with the CDC guidelines?
A: First of all, we are all thankful to be able to continue to work in the construction industry. I feel for those that are going through this difficult and stressful time and not able to work as well. It cannot be easy. We have been following CDC guidelines on site to help keep our teams and ourselves safe and healthy. I meet daily with all my sub-contractor teams to discuss safety and COVID-19 protocols. We have everyone on site wearing masks, practicing social distancing and making sure everyone understands that we have to look out for each other.  Even though many of the guidelines are common sense we have to continue to inform daily about the CDC guidelines to avoid the spread of this debilitating virus. It’s the little things….wash your hands regularly, social distancing, don’t share food and drinks, wear a mask, don’t work when sick, watch out for co-workers and cover your cough and sneeze and wash afterwards. We have now moved to having our coordination meetings on Zoom as well as have any safety meetings outside while practicing social distancing. We are being diligent and continue to provide information for all our team members. We have also created a Safety Task Analysis Card for COVID-19 for each team member to review and fill out regularly


Q:    What is your prediction after COVID-19?
A: As with everyone, I hope it ends soon and we can start to get back to a normal routine. I do believe we need to continue to shelter at home as long as needed to try and get ahead of the challenge. I will not be surprised if we will be confined to our homes until June. I am OK with this if it allows us to get ahead of this virus and gets our country, and the world for that matter, back to work ASAP.
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