Giving Back

The best way to honor the communities where we work is to support good work all around us.

C&S and our employees are involved. Not because it is mandated. Not because it makes us feel good about ourselves. Not even because it’s the right thing to do (although it certainly is!). Our people are involved because they genuinely care about the well-being of the communities where we live and work. Across the country, C&S employees donate their time, talents, and money to many worthy organizations. You’ll see C&S staff volunteering in wide-ranging activities like cleaning up local parks, cooking and serving meals to those in need, rescuing animals, leading youth group initiatives, and helping out at fundraiser events. Many C&S staff members serve on not-for-profit boards in their communities, using their skill sets to help these organizations in their missions to help others. Since 2007, C&S has chosen to give donations to food banks across the country at the holidays instead of sending holiday cards or gifts to our clients. We have been privileged to donate nearly $150,000 to food banks across the country.

In 2019, the C&S Foundation, Inc., was established to put the power of giving into the hands of our employees. The Foundation supports qualifying non-profit organizations nominated by C&S’s employees. The C&S Foundation stimulates positive impacts to humanitarian, educational, and community causes through financial support and volunteerism in the areas where C&S’s employees live and work.

Our C&S Community group fosters community spirit throughout the organization, develops programs that align with our values, and encourages every employee to participate in some form of volunteer or charitable service. This team was organized to increase the number and variety of opportunities available to make a positive community impact. We believe that it is our collective responsibility as a good corporate citizen to support those in need. In doing so, each of us as individuals can also make a difference.

Every year, we present the Mac Award to an employee who provides selfless service to his or her community. The award is a tribute to one of C&S’s former presidents, Orrin “Mac” MacMurray, who gives countless hours to his community and encourages all around him to embrace the spirit of volunteerism.

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