Central to C&S’s long-term vision has always been the notion of being the place where the best people choose to work. Working in a rewarding, but often stressful industry, we make a unique effort to encourage a culture of caring and community for our staff, while also fostering fun. With the support of our forward-thinking leaders, our firm has developed several employee-driven programs that address the issues and passions important to our staff. From our community service team to our women’s network and IDEA Alliance, staff from all experience levels located across the country are invited to participate in making the employee experience at C&S more rewarding.


Supporting and uplifting the communities in which we work and prosper is foundational to who we are as a firm. Our shared core values of authenticity, team spirit, integrity, and “all in” shape our behavior and inspire our team to give back through participation in educational programs for our youth, volunteerism, and philanthropy. We encourage our employees to be leaders within their communities to do what they can to improve the world around us.

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Fun at Work

It’s no secret that C&S is a fun place to work! Across the country, our staff are actively engaged in activities that cultivate camaraderie and positive social connections. We regularly celebrate personal and professional accomplishments and milestones. Our employees participate in everything from team building activities to happy hours to spontaneous stress relief breaks like ice cream socials. Our teammates also love to coordinate spirited, competitive activities including photography contests, cook-offs, Olympic and engineering themed challenges, pumpkin carving contests, and our annual holiday video competition.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

C&S proudly celebrates the differences that make each of our employees unique. As a company that prides itself on our culture, we are always looking for ways to develop and strengthen our values. Encouraging and celebrating diversity and inclusion in our workforce has always been important to us. However, in light of recent social justice movements that have significantly impacted many segments of our communities, we’ve decided to take real action to explore our culture through a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. As one of our firm’s strategic initiatives, we’re developing ways to support more diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, as well as bring awareness to and gain insight into issues that C&S can impact through action.

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At C&S, we recognize the importance of holistic health and wellness and its role in keeping our employees happy and healthy. Being well is more than just maintaining a healthy weight and exercising—it also involves caring for your mind, your finances, and your whole self. To support that belief, C&S has developed the Foundations for Wellness Program, which promotes wellness activities on a monthly basis in the form of competitive challenges, awareness webinars, meditation sessions, and other informative resources. We also offer free health screenings annually to all of our team members and have a wellness reimbursement program to cover wellness expenses for eligible employees.

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