Professional/Personal Development and Training

Outside of the traditional benefits generally offered by many companies, C&S truly stands out in its offering of professional/personal development opportunities and opportunities it offers its employees to connect with leadership and staff nationwide.

Through the C&S University program, C&S offers courses and workshops to help all employees grow throughout every stage of their career. Led by some of our most seasoned leaders and professionals, training options include courses in personal mastery, technology, and project management, among others. In addition to learning new skills, staff attending these workshops are building rapport and engaging face-to-face with staff from other offices.

Additionally, senior staff are invited bi-annually to attend a full-day business meeting at our headquarters where they are typically engaged in development workshops with industry and subject matter experts.

Mentoring and Advocacy

Mentoring Matters

Open to all C&S employees, the Mentoring Matters program was established to serve as a resource for intentional and effective mentoring of employees throughout all the C&S Companies; to provide support and encouragement in an effort to build and sustain a culture that fosters meaningful partnerships and connections; and to increase skills, knowledge, satisfaction, and engagement to continue to grow our internal talent. The program is designed to help achieve the following:

  • Accelerate transition to C&S culture and increase productivity of new employee
  • Encourage and support interdisciplinary collaboration across all of the C&S Companies
  • Transfer and retain institutional knowledge, experiences, skills and abilities for growth and succession planning
  • Encourage and support personal and professional development
  • Promote the development of leadership skills at all levels
womens network

C&S Women’s Network (CWN)

Formed in 2018, the C&S Women’s Network is a voluntary group open to all staff, offering training, webinars, book discussions, and other activities with the goal of empowering women to be confident in all interactions and be able to manage challenges unique to women in the engineering/architecture/construction industries.

C&S is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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