Amsterdam Step 2 Brownfield Opportunity Area Projects

We are leading the City of Amsterdam Step 2 Brownfield Opportunity projects to identify appropriate redevelopment strategies for two Study Areas (East End and Northern Neighborhood) within the city. The East End Study Area is located directly adjacent to the Mohawk River, which is a major asset to the City of Amsterdam and the larger region. The Northern Neighborhood Study Area has the Chuctanunda Creek flowing directly through it. The project includes extensive, innovative outreach that is intended to obtain the community’s vision and revitalization of the area. Analysis for the two study areas includes environmental resources, regional setting, transportation, brownfield inventory, and the prioritization of brownfield sites that will be a catalyst for redevelopment within the region.

In addition to inventory and analysis, we are responsible for market and economic analysis, stakeholder interviews, and data collection. In addition to possible BOA designation, outcomes include a comprehensive revitalization plan that identifies short-, medium-, and long-term reuse strategies for any problematic properties within the boundary.

East Gateway of the Brownfield AreaCity of Amsterdam Emblem on Pedstrian Bridge
East Gateway of the Brownfield Area
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